Rhodocrosite, coin pearls and fabricated 925 silver and keishi pearl flower pendant, 925 findings.

Gold Keishi pearls, topaz and bronzite necklace, 925 findings.. Mazie doat Jack.

Curious Jack.

Two bees or not to bees…



We have been there, visiting friends who own a Victorian farmhouse, goats, peach and apple trees, and a pond complete with snapping turtle. They gave us us gave us a gorgeous lunch, good conversation, a story about the Confederate ghosts who haunts their house, and a peek into a way of life to which we would like to become accustomed–particularly the goatie part.
We found a buyer for a bronzite and rhodocrosite necklaces, which would have been cause for celebration had we home not lost Junior’s cell phone somewhere in deepest Virginia. Result, Junior gets a new cell phone and my wallet gets leaner by a hundred dollars. At this rate, I had better make more jewelry. Fast.


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  1. I was just browsing thru. Nice pics!! 🙂

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