Host an ice cream social.

Ice your bathtub.

You can keep your hat on.

Have an ice cold vodka and caviar feast.

Look at Russian paintings such as this one by Repin.

Watch  The Nutcracker ballet. Concentrate on the snowflakes.These are from the Moscow ballet.

Read Doctor Zhivago.

See Doctor Zhivago.

Get yourself a vintage fan. Remember that fans were not always  frivolous objects. Japanese samurai learning  the art of Tessenjutsu  used war fans made of iron. Follow the middle course. Get a Spanish lace fan and slay only  with your eyes. 
Buy a fancy parasol. 

Look at Ivan Kramskoi’s cool lady with a parasol 

                                                      Look at Repin’s portrait of his daughter.

 Make several pitchers of   lemonade. Flavor each with mint, ginger,  rosemary and lavender. Invite friends over for a degustation.

               In the cool of the night, have a moon viewing like the people in Gakutei Harunobu’s paintings.

                                           Don’t forget the manju, moon viewing cakes.

                                           Remember last winter.


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