I have news for the Republicans–this election is not about gender or race. This election is about serious issues that affect the average American, such as the Petco clerk with whom I talked in Charles Town, WV. She will vote for the person who will seen to it that her mother, who has cancer, will have adequate health insurance coverage. It is that simple. I asked her if she had watched the debates and added that Obama’s own mother had died of cancer and that he recalls that she spent the last month of her life struggling with insurance problems.
Republicans are desperate to change the focus of the election. The drag in myths about Obama’s supposed association with terrorists, they make up stories and distort the truth, claiming that Obama is a Muslim, a traitor, a drug user, and what happens? Obama is up wight points in the state of West Virginia. Republicans should take a lesson from that. We are a proud people. We dislike being condescended and lied to. We know Obama is not a Muslim, not a terrorist, not a druggie. We resent it that Republicans are trying to use the race card instead of zeroing in the real problems we are face, such as the failing economy. We hate the divisiveness Republicans such as Sarah Palin are trying to bring about with their incendiary remarks and their barely covert racism. We are not idiots. We can read the subtext of the hateful messages Mcain, Palin and his followers wish to cram down our throats. We reject that hatred, we reject divisiveness. We shall not be moved by hate mongering and lies. Mountaineer are always free.

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