“Nightingale, have you heard the news! The Rose has come back and the green and the blue, And everything is as new as the dew—New nightingale, new rose.” Hafiz

There are no nightingales at The Brambles, but, my, are there roses. Noisette Claire Jacquier (1888), Hybrid Musk Buff Beauty (1939), Hybrid Multiflora Russelliana (prior to 1837), Shrub/Kordes Alchymist (1956) Damask Madame Hardy (1832), and modern kordesii hybrid William Baffin begin their annual show in concert with clematis, peonies and irises. As for bird song, this is when the wood thrush comes to our woods to grace us with silvery arpeggios to rival any nightingale’s. Among the winged, cardinals, bluebirds, red headed woodpecker have joined azure moths and monarch butterflies in airborn passegiatta around the flower beds. It is not Shiraz, but methinks Old Hafiz would have approved.


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