Enzo, named after the Enzo Ferrari racing car, rest in the spice barrel after a dip in the fish pool.

Please note snail damage to basil seedlings in foreground. French persons fond of sizzling the critters responsible in garlic butter may apply for the post of Escargot Hunters. As for me, well, I can try the old trick of baiting them–the escargot, not the French persons–with beer, but it seems a misuse of Stella Artois. I can also surround the basil with a nice layer of sand, which the beasties find unpleasant to navigate. Somehow the garlic butter treatment seems more appropriate.

The inner Enzo, photographed by the Ferrari makers.

Hybridiser Sam McGredy relied on the apple scented, pink Bantry Bay shrub and red, single flowered climber Altissimo to produce this gorgeous Dublin Bay shrub in 1976. Often paired with white Iceberg, for contrast, it is a slow growing pillar rose suitable for small spaces.

Sombreuil rose and peony.


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