Above, Malabrigo and Kid Silk Rosas y Palomas shawl.

Above, K’s Cinnamon Toast shawl Plymouth mohair from www. pocketmeadowfarm.net
Update at 8:10 P. M.–No signs of discs. According to Fedex tracking number, they will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. That give new meaning to the word “overnight.”
If you ever wanted to know whether there is life without one’ s laptop, the answer is,
“Yes, but is is not much fun.” I know. Upon reaching the advanced age of two, my HP Pavilion began to exhibit strange symptoms–it froze, it refuse to load programs I had been using for months, it presented a black screen to world and it refused to go through recovery. I would detail my conversations with HP tech support in India and a conference call with Microsoft, but it would be too painful. Suffice to say the Microsoft geek told me that e problem could not be solve quickly because the MS computer were “running slow.” Yo, Bill Gates, call home!
To sum up, talks with HP tech support lasted long enough to drain the batteries in two phones. Microsoft denied any responsibility for the trouble. HP promised to overnight new recovery disks–the assumption is that the disks that came with the laptop are corrupted. It is now 4 P.M. Eastern time and there is no sign of the disks.
I borrowed Junior’s HP Pavilion to write this. Alas, IT also has “issues.” What to do? Life goes on. Work piles up, e-mail goes unanswered. A friend needs a translation of his professional bio and one has but a quill to write with. Technology is supposed to make one’s life easier, right? Wrong. Luckily, there is always knitting–low tech, relaxing, satisfying, useful. The Palomas y Rosas shawl is done. It is a simple project any beginner can do,

Yarn–One skein Malabrigo Lace Geranio 470 yards
Four skeins Laines du Nord Kiddy Silk Print in pink, 230 yards each.

Size 15 needles.
Cast on 70 stitches, knit to your heart’s content. Purl a goodly number of rows. Knit same number of rows as the number preceding the purled section. Cast off, add fringe, voila, a nifty textured shawl.
NOTE: http://www.littleknits.com/ has very reasonably priced Malabrigo and frequent sales of Laines du Nord and many other types of yarn.
Here’s to better days and better technology.

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