Junior, who is the real knitter in the family, deserves the prettiest yarn. Kauni seemed the prettiest I had ever seen until I happened on other equally attractive brands. Naturally, it was imperative that I order someas a gift for deserving Junior. My source was and to my surprise, the skeins I got were not the rainbow coloured EQ I expected. I got three skeins: two in burnt orange and one in a mix of blues. Rather than to deal with the hassle of returning my unsatisfactory order, I decided to hold on to it in hopes that Jr. would transform it into something lovely.

Tonight I got a call from Knit Purl. It turns out that they realised–by telepathy, I think– that something was amiss and they offered to replace the skeins I received with the EQ I wanted. They also ordered to send a stamped, addressed envelope to make it easier for me to send back the misdirected skeins. Now, that is service I admire. Knit Purl has just added a for life fan to its list.

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